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ModuleTek’s MTDE10xxZ1CNN DWDM 10GBd XENPAK optical transceivers are designed for Storage, IP network and LAN, it is a hot pluggable module in the Z-direction that is mainly usable in typical router/switches line card applications. The MTDE10xxZ1CNN is a fully integrated 10.3 Gb/s optical transceiver module that consists of ITU 100GHz grid wavelength optical transmitter and APD receiver, XAUI interface, Mux and Demux with clock and data recovery (CDR). In addition, they comply with the XENPAK Multi Sourcing Agreement.
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●  Up to 10 GBd bi-directional data links.
●  Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae application.
●  Compliant with XENPAK MSA.
●  Temperature stabilized EML transmitter.
●  100GHz ITU Grid, C Band
●  APD Photo-detector.
●  XAUI electrical interface: 4 lanes @ 3.125 GBd.
●  MDIO, DOM (Digital Optics Monitoring) support.
●  Hot Z-Pluggable.
●  SC Connectors
●  Up to 80km on SMF
●  Power Supply: 5V/3.3V/Adaptable Power Supply (APS: 1.2V)
●  RoHS Compliance
●  Class 1 laser product complies with EN 60825-1
●  Operating temperature range: 0°C to 70°C

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