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The MTCF10xxL1CDN series optical transceiver is designed for fiber communications application such as 10G Ethernet (10GBASE-ER/EW) and 10G Fiber Channel (1200-SM-LL-L), which fully compliant with the specification of XFP MSA Rev 4.5. This module is designed for single mode fiber and operates at a nominal wavelength of CWDM wavelength.
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●  ‹Supports 9.95Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s Bit Rates
●  ‹‹Hot-Pluggable XFP Footprint
●  ‹‹Compliant with XFP MSA
●  ‹10-Wavelengths CWDM DFB Transmitter from 1270nm to 1450nm, with Step 20nm
●  ‹10dB power budget at least
●  ‹‹Duplex LC Connector
●  ‹‹Power Dissipation < 2.5W
●  ‹‹Case Operation Temperature Range
●  ‹-5°C to 70°C

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