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1Gbps 1310nm FP TOSA
The 1Gbps 1310nm FP TOSA is an MOCVD grown InAlGaAs ridge laser diode with emission wave-length of 1310nm and standard continuous light output of 5mW per facet. These lasers provide stable, single transverse mode oscillation. These are hermetically sealed devices in a coaxial package (TO-56) with an integrated monitor photodiode to monitor the optical output.
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●  Wide operating temperature (-40°C to 85°C)
●  Stable threshold current for easy transmitter control (T0 ~ 80K)
●  1310nm typical emission wavelength FP-LD's
●  High-speed modulation capability (Up to 1Gb/s)
●  Excellent reliability
●  Ultra-low gradual wear-out rates
●  <1% failuresin 20 years at 55°C

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